• What makes Jonathan Toews so good?

    When you think of the premier hockey players in the NHL, most people would have Jonathan Toews ranked pretty high on the list. So what is it that makes Jonathan Toews so good? Well, to answer that question is very simple, he is one of the hardest working, highly skilled, smartest hockey players you will find. His leadership abilities both on and off the ice, is something that is recognized from players throughout the league. When Sidney Crosby was asked to captain Team Canada at this year’s Olympics in Sochi, his response was one that would make you realize how much respect Jonathan Toews has throughout the league. Crosby made sure that it was okay that he was captain, not Toews.

    Toews on-ice abilities are something that should be looked upon by up and coming hockey players. His hockey sense and overall ability all over the ice is absolutely incredible. Toews is obviously very offensively gifted, but because of his work ethic both on and off the ice, he is able to remain at the top of his game physically. He logs heavy minutes in every game and is matched up against top lines, night in and night out. He is a two way player. He gets the job done offensively but also is one of the best defensive forwards in the game.  His work ethic to get back into his defensive zone, allows for his offensive game to pick up as well, with the amount of turnovers and steals he gets from opposing teams. He blocks shots, plays the body, works hard up and down the ice and is a complete player.

    When you think about players to idolize, I bet Jonathan Toews name comes up quite often.  The effort he puts into the game every shift and the passion he plays with on the ice, is something that every hockey player should look up to. His talents and overall game should be followed by every hockey player who is looking to develop his or her hockey game. When a player is able to take care of the defensive zone and still put up the numbers that Toews does, goes to show you the type of player he is. He is a great player and leader, and the Chicago Blackhawks are sure lucky to have number 19 as the captain of this great franchise.

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