• The legend of Nick Lidstrom

    People wonder what makes the perfect human? Well if you were to ask his teammates, Nick Lidstrom would be “The Perfect Human”. His teammates gave him this nickname because Nick Lidstrom demonstrates everything it is to be a perfect human. From his demeanor off the ice, to his work ethic on the ice. From his leadership ability in the locker-room to his personality in the public eye.  Having his jersey retired by the Detroit Red Wings only caps off what an amazing career Nick Lidstrom had.  His 20 years in the NHL allowed him to become one of the greatest NHL defenceman of all time.

    Not only was he able to prove himself at a young age, but he was able to grow with the game and continue developing to remain one of the best defenceman in the league. As the league grew and players became bigger, stronger and faster so did Nick Lidstrom. Lidstrom was able to excel at the top level and make it look very easy in the process. You look at how he was able to win 7 Norris trophies among the best players in the world and can only imagine what it takes to become that elite.  His daily training regime helped him develop his game and maintain the way he dominated each and every day. When you ask players what they thought of when playing against Nick Lidstrom, they would tell you that he was very difficult to play against. He made you run out of room quickly, he was able to take a way time and space, he could move the puck and make passes that some would find diffucult, Lidstrom made look easy. He could fire a puck from the blueline, step up in big games and be the leader the Detroit Red Wings could rely on in big moments.

    Lidstrom led the Detroit Red Wings to 4 Stanley Cups in his career and was a Conn Smythe winner as playoff MVP. He never missed the playoffs in his 20 year career and was idolized from players and teammates from all over the world. Watching Nick Lidstrom play was an incredible experience and for any young hockey player, was someone to idolize and try to replicate his game as hard as that might be.

    Congratulations to #5 on an incredible career!

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