• Resistance Training Parachute

    Resistance training is one of the most popular and most useful training tools you can use as an athlete. It helps you build speed, power and tone muscle to help develop your game.  The Resistance training parachute has become a very popular training tool for hockey players and athletes, everywhere. While using the parachute, it gives your body the perfect amount of resistance it needs to develop muscles and has been related to actually developing bone growth.

    The resistance parachute allows players doing off-ice training, to work harder, build speed and build muscular endurance. By using the parachute and doing short quick bursts and building to longer sprints, it is a great tool that helps every athlete who uses it. Most of the time you see players in training using it to do interval sprints, working on quick starts and quick sprints making it very game like. A sample workout using the resistance parachute would be:

    – 3, 25 yard sprints

    – 3, 50 yard sprints

    – 3, 75 yard sprints

    – 3, 100 yard sprints

    Not only is this a great training tool to use off the ice but it is also very good to use on the ice. Players trying to get that extra bit of resistance to build power in their stride, use the training parachute to help them increase speed, power and quickness.  It is also very helpful when trying to recover from injury and promotes muscle and bone growth.

    Try the resistance parachute with your off-ice training and it will help improve your speed and quick starts during the game.

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