Puck Protection

Puck Protection

Puck protection is very important in a hockey game.  It can determine the amount of time you and your team have the puck, ultimately effecting the outcome of a game and the amount of scoring opportunites your team will have.

In order to help you with your puck protection, you must make sure that your body is between the puck and the opposing player.  Keep a wide base so that the opposing player has a tough time getting around you and will not be able to push you over or out of the way to get too the puck.  Try and keep your arms extended far enough so that the opponent cannot reach around you to get to the puck, but don’t over-extend too far that it makes you unable to handle the puck properly and lose it.

It will be hard in tight areas to have your arms extended, so you can push back against your opponent so that you feel where they are and try to give yourself space to move around and get out of those tight areas.

In the end, it is very important to be able to create opportunities by having the puck.  So practicing puck protection is very important and can enhance your game dramatically.

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