Backhand Shot

The Backhand Shot is one of the trickiest, yet most effective shots you can have as a player.  You can use this shot in all different situations especially in situations where you are being pushed to the outside of the net on your off side.  Players that work on this particular shot are able to surprise goaltenders and put the puck into the net.  It is a very tricky shot for a goaltender to read and is often hard for them to pick up the release point and the direction the puck is heading making it a very useful shot to train and become good at.

A couple things to keep in mind are:

1.  Work on body positioning and puck positioning when you take a backhand shot, so it can be strong, quick and accurate.

2.  Roll the puck from the heel of your stick to the toe of your stick.

3.  Shift your body weight forwards in order to put the most weight and power into your shot.

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