Slap Shot

When taking a slap shot there are many important steps that you must consider before shooting the puck.  In a game situation, many things change and happen very quickly which can change the way you are preparing to take your shot.  The idea of the slapshot is to put a very hard and powerful shot to the net.  Look to score or attempt a deflection or a rebound when taking this shot.  There are many players that are very good at getting themselves into a position where they can effectively take a slapshot and the best players are able to take this shot on a rush in order to create scoring opportunities.

A couple things to keep in mind are:

1.  Make sure to make your wind up, as quick as possible so that you don’t give the other team time to block your shot.

2.  Shift your body weight forward to lean into your shot, making it very powerful.

3.  Try to hit the puck towards the heel or middle of your stick.  Using the toe of your stick makes your shot less powerful because you don’t have the force of the rest of your stick coming down on top of the puck.

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