Snap Shot

The Snap Shot is a very quick, hard shooting motion, that is used to get the puck to the net quickly looking to score or gernerate rebound opportunities.  You can use this shot in all different situations and be able to generate a scoring opportunity from it.  Players that have practiced and trained alot on this shot, have the ability to take a snap shot well in motion and are also very good at taking this shot off of one foot and delivering the puck to the net hard off the rush.

A couple things to keep in mind are:

1.  Work on a quick release and building forearm strength so your shot can be strong, quick and accurate.

2.  Pull the puck towards your body, and use forearm strength, body rotation and stick flexibility, to release the puck quickly.

3.  Shift your body weight forwards in order to put the most weight and power into your shot.

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